Lawyer in Full Tilt Poker Bot Case Has Reputation

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The website observed that the attorney representing plaintiffs in a much publicized "Full Tilt Poker" scandal related to alleged "poker bots" has quite the reputation in the legal community.

As first reported by the website Friday, Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy claim they won $80,000 and that the funds were confiscated. 

Full Tilt Poker, which has among its equity partners Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson, claims that plaintiffs used an automated play functions called "robots" instead of playing the game themselves. Since using robots violates Full Tilt's rules, the site's owners confiscated more than $80,000.  Omotoy and Kennedy, however, claim that Full Tilt Poker also use their own bots on the website.

The plaintiffs have hired the services of one Cyrus Sanai.

So who is Cyrus Sanai?


Back in the day he wrote for, about issues such as assisted suicide and school violence ... and seemed to dig the journalism thing during his days at Harvard. (That's where he went for undergrad. Law School at UCLA.)


The website, devoted to group complaint about law,  had this to offer about Sanai:

Sanai may be the living embodiment of the worst stereotypes of California lawyers, an arguably vexatious litigant who arguably abuses process and files frivolous motions to cause disruption to opponents. He has been smacked down as such by Judge Kozinski. But whatever Sanai is or isn't, the matter raises a serious question about Judge Kozinski's own judgment.

And from Paterico:

It amazes me that Cyrus Sanai still has his law license after publicly admitting that his campaign to bring down several federal judges is just "part of his litigation strategy" to win a divorce case. He's already been called one of the most abusive litigants that the district court has ever seen.

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