Lasseters Shuts Down Entirely

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C Costigan
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Once the premiere sports betting and online casino operation based in Australia, Lasseters has announced it is closing for good.

Chief Operating Officer Brian Gordon advised in an email to Online-Casino.comthe directors had subsequently taken the decision to cease accepting wagers on Lasseters Sportsbook and to close the business.

"It is important to note that whilst you will not be able to bet, you will still have access to your Lasseters account to withdraw your funds," Gordon advised. "To avoid unnecessary delays, please ensure that the personal registration and payment details in your account are up-to-date and accurate.

"Your Lasseters account balance, minus any unused bonuses is available to you immediately by following the withdrawal procedure on our website.

"Players who have not previously provided age identification and have an existing cash balance are required to provide suitable age ID prior to withdrawing funds. Please refer to the site FAQ's for further information proof of ID."

Requests were to be made no later than October 31.

formed in June 2001 when Gocorp Ltd and Lasseters Casino Pty Ltd merged.

Lasseters was the first operator in the world to launch a fully regulated online casino when the company's first site, Lasseters Online, went live for cash gaming in April 1999. Since then, Lasseters had become one of the world's most recognised and trusted online gaming brands.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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