Jenny Woo: How I Spent My Christmas

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Jenny Woo
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Hedonism Jamaica

First I want to send a special shout out to all our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan as we start the year 2009.  My little brother is currently serving in Iraq and our prayers are with him.

I decided to veer away from my regular "routine" holiday in order to enjoy one last trip before we're all forced to start living under a rock the next year thanks to this troubled economy.

Where'd I go this Christmas time? 

Somewhere warm.  Jamaica Mon!  And yes I got to meet Santa Claus.

The girls and I spent our time getting photographed in the notorious Hedonism (for those of you who don't know, it's sort of a nudist colony with alcohol and no high speed Internet).

And my Christmas present...

A body tattoo.  Unfortunately the paint comes off as soon as you jump in the swimming pool to be with the naked Santa Claus.

We figured you were going to need something to motivate yourselves coming back into the office after that extended holiday vacation.  Here ya go! 

Get ready folks...I have a whole slew of interviews I'm currently working on for  Here is hoping everyone has a rewarding and prosperous 2009!  Oh yeah and be sure to check out for the ultimate in body tattooing.  

















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