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Jenny Woo here from Amsterdam and I just have to say that it's been fun.  Thomas Jensen and I arrived Saturday morning and immediately checked into the NH Krasnapolsky.  As tired as we were, the only thing we were looking forward to was a much needed nap but wasn't expecting the long and difficult walk to our apartment.  After climbing three sets of steep steps with my heavy and many bags, we finally made it to our room.  And, no, Tommy didn't help me carry up my bags!  Whatever happened to CHIVALRY?

After our nap we met up with Hans Van Niekerk (obviously a native of this country with a name like that) from Mini Vegas Group and a few of the guys from Bodog for dinner and drinks.  With no one from the CAC conference (everyone was getting in on Sunday) to be found we decided to hang with the drunken Scottish in kilts who were in town for a football (soccer in the U.S.) game.   They were a rowdy and fun bunch. 

Hungover but alive, I got ready to attend the GPWA dinner at the Supper Club and saw my partner in crime, Rebecca Liggero.  Hans insisted we take a taxi even though Google Maps seemed to suggest the club was only a block away from our hotel.  We all hop in the taxi and we're driving around a good 15 minutes - the price:  a cool 18 euros.  Once out, what do we see?  Our hotel, one block away! 

The Supper Club was an interesting experience to say the least.  Our waitress dressed in pajamas and her face was bandaged up with an Ace bandage.  At first we all thought she got a huge facelift or got into a really bad car accident but soon found out that that was the typical employee dress code for the restaurant (you can sort of make out our waitress in the bottom of this photo).  The weird and psychedelic experience involved eating in bed while watching trippy images of rainbow dog poop and throw-up.  However, the five-course meal was very good but took an eternity to be served.  We headed over to the club Werck (sponsored by EuroPartners) for some after drinks and ended the night playing pool at a nearby pub.  Unbelievably, at around 2 am there was nothing open in town.  Say what?  Yeah it's Sunday night, but this is Amsterdam.  Well, needless-to-say, every CAC'er still up and every Scottish kilt-wearing soccer fan left in town (after their team lost to the Dutch) showed up at the only open bar in town.  While there, my boss introduced me to a real hunk - Alex Kasalowski (okay, don't ask me to pronounce his last name), who runs a new RTG Casino brand, Buzzluck.com.  Tommy loves it because there is some comedian in the virtual casino.  It's a pretty cool casino with more vivid imagery that's about to launch a U.S. arm real soon.  Can't wait!

Monday morning brought poor Jenny another hangover but pulled myself together to get downstairs to the CAC conference.  I finally got to see my sexy Marc Lesnick where I got some much needed love - however, I did try to find a frying pan to knock some much needed sense into him on who he should be loving on.  Either way, I got the attention Jenny had been longing for.  His ***** bank president girlfriend was nowhere to be found.  Thank God!  She was probably out spending her AIG bonus money!

After taking a tour of the exhibits and doing a bit of meet and greeting while my poor boss remained paralyzed in his death bed, I needed to get a few drinks in me to get rid of my ever so longing hangover.  We headed over to the Euro Bar for Adriann Brink's (USBlackJack.com) party where we met the gangster rap artist E40 aka Earl Stevens, who was in town to perform at Wednesday's show with Westside Connection along with Ice Cube.  That story I'll tell you about later.  I do have to say that Adriann and Jenny became instant friends and that he's an awesome guy.  Thanks for the good laughs Adriann!

Overall, 2009 CAC has been a fun experience so far and would love to do it every year, as I was MIA in 2008. Marc tells us that there were approximately 650 registrants.  However, the night is still young and Jenny's going to be out and about again tonight.  Stayed tuned for my conclusion to this Amsterdam trip along with my story on E40 and the Westside Connection. 

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent         

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