It Was The Worst Sunday Ever for the Sportsbooks

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Dan Shapiro
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It Was The Worst Sunday Ever for the Sportsbooks

Nearly every favorite won!  Nine out of thirteen.  The Vegas sportsbooks were calling it a “slaughter”.


And you can blame all those parlays.

William Hill spokesperson Jimmy Vacacaro claims to have paid off more 10-team parlays than he in recent memory with one guy cashing out $9000 on a $3 9-team parlay, according to the Las Vegas Review Sun.

“More and more people are wanting to bet a little to make a lot with parlays,” Vaccaro said. “In parlays, bookmakers have the best of it, but it turns very quickly when they get on the right sides. That’s what happened yesterday. You have to accept it and move on.”

“It was the worst day I’ve ever seen that involved regular season in the NFL,” Vaccaro said. “I’ve seen worse single-day events, like big boxing matches, but it was really bad for the books.”

All but two of the teams receiving public backing were favorites.  The two underdogs seeing heavy public action – Pittsburgh and Tampa – both won. 

“The only game we won on was the Panthers beating the Redskins,” affiliate site Sportsbook Commission reported to  “It was pretty much Murphy’s law all day. On average sportsbooks lost 7 out of the 8 early games. A great day for the sports bettor, however a horrible day for the sportsbook.

- Dan Shapiro,

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