ISPs Not Inclined to Comply With Minnesota Online Gambling Order

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C Costigan
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The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association ( has heard back from some of the Internet Service Providers ordered by the state of Minnesota to block a few hundred listed online gambling websites. 

"In response to our letters (sent out) yesterday, they are not inclined to comply with the Minnesota order," commented Joe Brennan, Jr., founder of iMEGA.  "We filed this to first, get MN DPS to rescind their order to the ISPs, and second, to put any other state on notice that a similar action will be contested in court."

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), through its Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED), has ordered Internet service providers to block state residents' access to 200 Internet gambling Web sites. Minnesota referenced a Federal law, the Wire Act of 1961, for justification of its order to the ISPs, claiming the law made "online gambling is illegal in all U.S. states."

In a bizarre twist, Minnesota's one time Governor, Jesse Ventura, was once a paid spokesperson for a popular online gambling company.

"Also, by invoking USC 1983, we're declaring our intention to recoup our attorneys' fees, adding to the cost for Minnesota (and any other state) to contest this in court," Brennan, Jr. added.

The Internet Media Entertainment & Gaming Association is also suing the federal government on behalf of the state of New Jersey to have online sports betting legalized. 

Unlike Minnesota, New Jersey is looking favorable towards the potential to have legalized online gambling in the state.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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