Introducing, the Future of Sports Trading

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Introducing, the Future of Sports Trading, the world’s first odds trading exchange, is the ideal way for sports traders to make money on a race - regardless of the result! This is because is a unique marketplace which allows its customers to take advantage of fluctuations in betting patterns, rather than having to purchase a bet and await the outcome of the race.

Anyone with any experience of sports betting knows that odds are never static. On Oddsfutures, punters can test their knowledge of the betting markets by correctly predicting the movement of odds on a race without the added uncertainty of who finishes, first, second or even last.

How does it work? adds excitement to any sporting event before it even takes place. Currently Irish and UK horse racing markets are available. Other sports and events will be added in the very near future.

Because works on "futures" trading, players can be in the game long before the game actually starts - trading can begin up to three days before the event for UK and Irish horseracing. Each trade runs until the event itself starts - that is the point at which trades are settled.

This is why anyone with good instincts and a keen sense of how horse racing betting markets work should consider using Do you think a horse is priced too generously? You can make your trade on the basis that the price will come in. Or if you feel that support for a favourite will wane, then speculate that the odds will lengthen. It really is as simple as that.

There are only two trades at - Down/BUY and Up/SELL - but with these two trades comes a wealth of opportunity depending on which direction the odds move, and how far they go. Traders will always be matched with the best available price, although if they want better odds they can place an order for a better price. There is also a stop loss mechanism to protect against extreme movements in price.

The stake is up to the individual, and potential winnings are decided by movements in the market - should your instincts be right, the further the odds move in your direction, the greater your returns will be. And because these movements are created by public sentiment, it is possible for traders with a finger on the pulse of the market to generate some real returns. Free credit

Register with and we will fund new customer accounts €20 credit. And you don’t need to lodge money to avail of this offer.

Oddsfutures - €20 Free credit!

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