Internet Commerce Could be Hurt by Kentucky Domain Case

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C Costigan
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Steve Beshear

Jeremiah Johnston, a spokesman for the Washington D.C-based Internet Commerce Association, says Kentucky is overstepping into federal territory in its attempt to seize some 141 online gambling domain names.

Johnston told WZTV in Nashville that the case may hurt Internet commerce.

Kentucky commonwealth Governor Steve Beshear has essentially declared war on the online gambling sector and there is a good chance his attacks may spread beyond this arena.

Beshear's actions are beginning to take a toll on his political career. Monday morning, the Louisville Courier featured a cartoon of Beshear as a Napoleon type character battling the World Wide Web.

The commonwealth has already taken control of some domain names including

Groups opposed to Gov. Steve Beshear's attempt at imposing a state law against gambling on international Web sites are gathering Monday at the Capital Hotel in Frankfort, Kentucky before a court hearing on the matter. is there and will be bringing its readers live updates throughout the course of the afternon.


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

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