iMEGA President Makes New Friends

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Jagajeet Chiba
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The Two Plus Two Forum has created a new forum dedicated to none other than Joe Brennan, Jr.  It is actually geared towards discussion of what is transpiring with Brennan Jr's trade organization, The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association.

Already the concept has been met with much excitement.

"Thanks for being 1000X more proactive and productive than PPA and attacking where it counts rather than letter writing to scumbags who could care less," said one poster.

Of course, a heated exchange was not too far behind following that comment.

Poker Players Alliance Board Member, The Engineer, lashed out at the poster in question.

"Huh? PPA has done far more than just write letters. Also, while courts may strike down a law or two for us, they do not write law. We need to win in courts AND in legislatures. Sorry to tell you that won't be overnight. It takes real work."

That was bound to happen.

Two Plus Two recently endorsed by iMEGA and the PPA, but the later endorsement was conditional as there were concerns over certain PPA board members and conflicts of interests, all of which seem to have resolved themselves.

Brennan Jr., always the astute politician, attempted to quash any criticism lodged towards iMEGA and the PPA.

"None of the groups (iMEGA included) are perfect, either in composition or execution. But they're in there, fighting. We each have our own strategies. iMEGA's has thus far been based on litigation, but we'd like to see a day where we could spend more bandwidth and resources working on legislation (what a refreshing change - instead of raising funds to pay lawyers, I'll be able to raise funds to pay lobbyists...)."

Emphasis on the word "bandwidth".  God forbid three people access the iMEGA website at the same time.  It might crash. 

"We're not going to sit around a campfire singing "Kumbaya" any time soon, but I'm glad there's a PPA at work out there, and I hope that people are glad there's an iMEGA out there taking a different angle of attack."

Who knows:  One day we might find Joe Brennan, Jr., Alfonse D'Amato and Barney Frank sitting around a campfire together singing "Kumbaya" after all.  And maybe yours truly will be there too cooking marshmallows....dipped in curry/yogurt sauce of course. 

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