If “Shrink’ Book is to be Legit, It must Address These Issues

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Thomas Somach
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A tell-all book about the life and times of Ken "The Shrink" Weitzner is being written by "The Shrink's" stepson, Jerry Donahue, Gambling911.com revealed recently in an exclusive story.

The book, Donahue promised, will cover the "good times and bad" of Weitzner's life and won't "hold back."

If it's true that the book will accurately portray Weitzner's life "warts and all"--as Abraham Lincoln once requested of a portrait painter--then there are a few topics that must be covered in the tome.

Gambling911.com hopes that the Donahue book about "The Shrink" answers the following still-unanswered questions:

*Why did "The Shrink" kill himself?

*Why did his wife join him?

*Whose idea was the double suicide?

*What was in the 20-page suicide note the couple left behind?

*Was the couple broke and/or on the verge of bankruptcy?

*Did "The Shrink" lose a high six-figure wager on a March Madness game shortly before his death?

*Were mob or mob-associated figures after him?

*Was "The Shrink" being investigated by the Feds?

*Is there any possibility that the Weitzners faked their deaths?

*What was the real nature of the relationship between Donahue and "The Shrink"?

*Did "The Shrink" regularly give Donahue money to foster their relationship?

*Does Donahue blame "The Shrink" for his mother's death?

If--and only if--all of these issues are addressed, will the book be seen as legitimate--and truthful.

By Tom Somach

Gambling911.com Staff Writer


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