I was Poisoned at the European i-Gaming Congress & Expo in Barcelona!

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A man who attended last month's European i-Gaming Congress & Expo in Barcelona claims he was poisoned. Toxicology results obtained by the individual's doctor confirm this to be true.

The sinister plot involved adding a drug to the individual's drink that caused this person to suffer convulsions. The man later fell into an 18 hour coma.

It should be pointed out that this individual was meeting at a bar with other industry executives outside the scheduled EiG agenda.

"When I got back home my doctor asked me if I knew the people well whom I was with at the bar," the man, who we will not identify, disclosed to Gambling911.com. "I told him ‘not really' and he then went on to explain that he wanted to take a blood test to determine if I had indeed been poisoned."

The results came back positive.

"The thought really never came to my mind. I thought I was just reacting to some medication I had taken earlier or was coming down with the flu. I met up with someone I knew later on who thought I had too much to drink. I barely had any alcohol."

Sadly, drugging of drinks in Barcelona is not too uncommon. While Barcelona is famous for its nightlife and is a really fun city after dark, drink drugging incidents do happen regularly. Transvestites and gay gypsies will sometimes drug a male, mostly in an effort to rob him, though he may also awake to find he has been compromised. It is also not unusual for bartenders to mix drinks with the drug ecstasy.

The suspect additive here was more likely the so-called date rape drug. This refers to any drug that can be used to assist in the commission of a sexual assault (date rape) or simply knock someone that is not very well liked into a coma.

The definition of the term is not absolute, because every drug that has been used for this purpose also has been taken willingly by people in some other situations. Date rape drugs commonly have sedative, hypnotic, dissociative, and/or amnesiac effects, and, when used to facilitate rape, are often added to a food or drink without the victim's knowledge. Most experts advise taking one's drink with them to the bathroom or to step away from the bar only after a drink is finished. Request that the bartender prepare a fresh drink only upon one's return. Never insult the bartender or confuse his nationality.

"I did ask the bartender if he was French and he scoffed at me so I thought perhaps he wanted to teach me a lesson," the victim told us. "Still I have other suspicions I will not elaborate on now."

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