Hustler Online Poker Room Cashing in on Crackdown

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Thomas Somach
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Hustler Online Poker Room

America's newest legal online poker room isn't wasting any time in taking advantage of America's latest crackdown on online gambling.

The new Hustler Casino online poker room, at, went online last Friday, the same day the U.S. Justice Department issued arrest warrants for the executives of three foreign online poker rooms, Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker.

The new room, owned by porn king Larry Flynt, wasted no time in turning the crisis into an opportunity.

A visit today to the Hustler Casino online poker room website's main page reveals the following message: "Has your online poker site been seized by the FBI? Try ours today! Completely legal. Totally free. Ready now."

At present, the Hustler Casino online poker room is the only online poker room that operates from the USA, is legal and is totally free.

There are other so-called legal online poker rooms that operate from the USA, such as Triple Jack and Pure Play, but those rooms charge a monthly membership fee which allows you to play free online poker tournaments that award cash prizes to winners.

The Hustler Casino online poker room, run from Gardena, California, USA, just outside Los Angeles, charges no membership fee.

In fact, there are absolutely no charges at all to play in the free poker tournaments.

By winning tourneys you accumulate points which can be redeemed for prizes and cash.

The room will make some revenue from ads on the website, but not enough to justify the costs of running the room.

So why do it?

Al Underwood, marketing director for the Hustler Casino online poker room, told in an interview: "This positions us for when online poker eventually becomes legal in the U.S. Plus, it promotes the Hustler brand. It promotes our land-based Hustler Casino, it promotes our magazine and it promotes our clothing line."

Poker used to promote porn?

Only in America!

By Tom Somach Staff Writer

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