Hustler Online Casino Launches Same Day As Online Poker Crackdown

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Ace King
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Hustler Online Casino

With the indictment and subsequent shutdown of three major online poker rooms on Friday, a new Internet casino has already emerged to fill the void.  Welcome The Hustler Online Casino.

“It’s just one of those phenomenal coincidences that happen very rarely in a marketer’s career where something so monumental occurs in the online gaming community as what happened today,” said Al Underwood, marketing director for Hustler Casino in Gardena, in an interview with the LA Times. “It opens up a space for us, and people who enjoy this online activity at least have a place to go that is familiar, legal and safe.”

Legal and safe because there is no cash exchanged.  PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and all offered online poker for free (and still do for that matter since the downloaded poker rooms have not exactly been shut down, just the entry point websites).  Those sites have been indicted on money laundering charges as have been 11 principals associated with the said companies. 

Their existence depended on “real cash” players. 

PokerStars has amassed a rather large European presence in recent years. has hinted it will remain in the US market, primarily because it does own a piece of the online casino and bingo market.  Full Tilt Poker seems especially vulnerable though all have reportedly had millions of dollars seized. 

The Hustler Online Casino will offer Internet poker.

In an interesting side note, PokerStars came into existence on what is probably the United States’ darkest day, September 11, 2001. 

- Ace King,

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