Go Daddy Responds to Kentucky Online Gambling Domain Order

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Go Daddy

In response to the concerns over registrar Go Daddy turning over the certificate for a number of online poker sites to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that company has issued a press release.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear wants to block 141 gambling websites, calling them "leeches" that are hurting his own state's economy, primarily the horse racing sector.

This release was sent out by GoDaddy.com late Thursday evening:

Go Daddy abides by Best Practice guidelines and cooperates with law enforcement as a matter of routine.

In accordance with our Registration Agreement, when Go Daddy receives a court order we take any necessary actions to ensure we are complying with the order. The domain names, in this case, are currently locked.

The domain names will remain locked until a hearing scheduled in October that will provide the registrants the opportunity to come forward and claim the seized property.

At this hearing, the court will determine whether the registrant qualifies for the return of the property.

As always, Go Daddy will follow any orders it receives from the court.

Go Daddy works hard to keep the

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