Gambling Nurse Ignores Woman in Labor Ad Banned By Brits

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C Costigan
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The Advertising Standards Authority banned an advertisement put out by Wink Bingo Wednesday on the grounds that it encouraged gambling while at work.

Spacebar Media produced the ad that features a scantily clad nurse celebrating her big bingo win next to a trolley holding surgical equipment and a laptop, which read ‘Wink Bingo Winner' while a woman was presumably giving birth and being ignored by the nurse.

The ad's catch line read: "Find the appropriate moment..."

The ad itself was deemed "inappropriate" and promptly yanked.

The Advertising Standards Authority was placed in charge of monitoring ads for online gambling establishments last year. Since that time a handful of businesses have been issued warnings and their advertisements yanked.

Paddy Power was among the first targets.

The ad from Paddy Power featured, as Reuters reports, " . . . a dwarf in a limousine flanked by two beautiful women, smoking a cigar and holding up a champagne glass. A strapline accompanying the advert said: 'Who says you can't make money being short?' "

"We concluded the ad suggested this man's 'shortcoming' had been overcome by the wealth he had acquired through gambling and therefore that the ad implied gambling was a way to improve self-esteem or gain recognition or admiration," the ASA stated in their ruling.

"We concluded the ad was irresponsible."

An Intercasino advertisement also features dwarfs being tossed off a hill.

"It's atrocious and an insult to little people," one midget told

Many dwarfs in the past and even still today have been exploited or treated unjustly by others.

The Wink Bingo advert on the other hand appeared to be exploiting the child bearing process and is offensive to hard working life saving nurses throughout Great Britain.

The ASA said: "We acknowledged that the intention of the ad was to portray a real-life situation in a humorous way, but considered that the ad nonetheless showed a health-care professional ignoring a woman giving birth in order to play bingo online."

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