Gambling Affiliate Programs Shaky Start

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A revolt of online gambling affiliates led to some high level (and often secretive) meetings at this year's Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) in Amsterdam.  A group calling itself the Gambling Affiliate Programs (GAP) organized a meeting of affiliates, many of whom were furious over Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) conflict of interest operating its own online poker, as first reported by, denied by CAP organizers, than later confirmed by these same organizers.

Internal issues have since plagued GAP.

This correspondence was submitted to Monday by an individual affiliate (Casino Jack) in regard to GAP organizer, Lloyd Apter:


He is insane and I am going to hold this first anti GAP meeting soon. read 

this, and publish what you want: 


Casino Jack, you obviously didn't you read my previous post. And neither 

did you Renee, seeing that you thanked Casino Jack for his last post. 


So, I'll say it again: We are all only interested in genuine cooperation 

and respect. 


FYI Jordan setup the original GAP site and managed the subscription to the 

first joint statement: 


Jordan has also been very involved in all important stages, many times 

behind the scenes. For instance the GAP logo he produced himself. 


And what have you guys been providing, seriously? 


Here's one of Renee unthought out and simply rude comments: 



Originally Posted by Renee View Post 

Can someone enlighten me? 

What exactly (details) is the £2-5k paying for? It doesn't explain that 

anywhere in this letter. 


Balloons maybe? 

And here is another one: 



Originally Posted by Renee View Post 

I'm not going to post here again until I can see a real business 

model/plan. I'm rooting for this, but I won't support anything that I think 

is not prepared properly. 


You'll notice that a business plan is usually a little longer than 4 pages 

with 1-2 paragraphs on each page and has a lot more detail than what we 

have been presented with so far. 

Seriously, we don't work for you guys. 


FYI Renee, I wrote a business plan eight years ago that sold an Israeli 

manufacturing export company from a USA public company to an U.K. public 

company and I closed the deal, so I know what a business plan should look 

like. What you read was a high level strategic proposal, not a business 

plan. The document is even called a proposal and not a business plan. And 

even if you think otherwise, correctly or not, you really don't need to be 

so rude in your manner of posting. Seriously it's so uncalled for and is 

definitely not well intended because nobody that I know enjoys sly remarks 

being made at them. 


Renee, if you have something to say - please say it but with due respect. 

The same respect you would like to see from me or any of our other fellow 

affiliate/program manager and I promise you the respect will be returned, 

with interest. 


Casino Jack, you almost make it sound like you and Renee are running 

things here: 



Originally Posted by casinojack View Post 

Seems like Renne and 2 - 3 others are all that have been involved. 

Do you even now who drafted the joint PRs and setup the meeting at CAC? 

Well there where a few of us involved and it didn't include either of you. 


I really don't appreciate it when people push their weight around without 

much substance... just many long winded and insultive posts is in my eyes 

not very helpful. 


Like I said before, please think careful what your intentions are and then 

post honestly and positive. The popular tags cloud has casino jack there, 

isn't that weird. Please carefully consider your true intentions. 


This is not a popularity contest. It's a genuine effort to create a 

positive alliance between programs for improving our industry. 


Final comment: I honestly apologize if I have hurt anyone's feelings in any 

way, including in this thread, but from now on all negative discussions are 



Any new simply negative postings will be move to the junk postings forum. 


I'm closing this threat." 


This guy off his rocker, his business plan has 400k a year in expenses to 

help us all save money, lol. what a scam 


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