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Is there a baseline for what constitutes unethical behavior on online poker sitesJJ Prodigy and ZeeJustin have been vilified in the past for multi-accounting to give themselves an edge over their opponents.  As a result of their admitted transgressions, each has received some sort of punishment for their deception.  But what about for players who share accounts?  Suppose one were to log onto PokerStars and during a search for Kidpoker (Daniel Negreanu), a player sees that Negreanu is playing at a certain table with an open seat.  So they join the table and believe they are playing with the pro.  After some chat, they soon realize that they are actually playing with a close relative of Negreanu who is using their account?  Now what if this happened over and over and over again?

This debate has been taking place over on the twoplustwo.com forums over how much going against the rules is permissible.  A poster recently sat down and was railbirding Full Tilt Poker pro Andrew Feldman at a micro stakes table.  After some time, it was learned that it wasn't Feldman but rather his girlfriend who was using his account.  The poster went onto the forums to get a sense of what others in the poker community thought he should do. 

Complicating matters is that Feldman is under contract with Full Tilt and reportedly gets paid $35 per hour of play plus 100% rakeback.  So is his girlfriend's usage of the account a crime that he should have to pay for?  This very question has been highly debated with people polarized on opposite ends of the argument.  For some, the answer is simple, if he allows his girlfriend to use his account, what is the harm in that?  For those who think it is wrong, they believe that rules are rules and that he should be punished because after all, players would think they are playing with a pro when they in fact are not and are playing against someone under false pretenses.  The discussion has raged on since it was reported and is among the most highly discussed topics of the day.  Many are starting to believe that the attention received may force Full Tilt's hand, leaving them no choice but to take action against the players.

People feel very strongly when it comes to any type of misleading information regarding an online poker game.  As such, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this.

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