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Jagajeet Chiba
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Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is running a promotion called the Biggest Bonus Ever to encourage players to try the new client software, which many of its long time customers are calling a clunker.

Additionally, PokerSiteScout.com reports that Full Tilt kicked off the 13th installment of its quarterly FTOPS tournament series this week.

Unlike FTOPS XII, in which simultaneous Mini-FTOPS tournaments stole traffic from the main events and caused a large number of overlays, the tournaments are easily meeting their guarantees so far. (A few of the guarantees have also been lowered a bit to provide a margin of safety.)

Full Tilt Poker's efforts have been met with much success, according to PSS.

Far from luring players away from ring games, FTOPS has actually provided a substantial boost in traffic. Player counts are up 14% from last week, putting the site at the highest level in its history. Full Tilt Poker's top five daily peak player counts were all set within the last week. This is also the closest Full Tilt has ever come to parity with PokerStars, though PokerStars is still 55% larger.

Online poker in general continues to flourish with a 25 percent growth rate over the past year despite an economic slowdown and attempts by the US Government to shut down payment solutions.

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