Fred Done Done With Manchester United: Refunds Bets to Win Premier League

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Ean Lamb
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Fred Done Done With Manchester United:  Refunds Bets to Win Premier League’s colorful founder Fred Done has been widely criticized in the past for refusing (at least for a short while) to pay an Olympian’s granny the bet she placed on her long shot grandson and, more recently, proposing to slash employee salaries in half (something that does not appear to have come to fruition just yet).

But this week, Mr. Dunn gets some much-deserved praise after deciding to refund all Manchester United future bets to win this season’s Premier League championship.

While some in the media have questioned Dunn’s motives, he’s never been one viewed as really caring much what the media thinks, at least not from the onset.

“This appears to be from the heart,”’s own Alistair Prescott acknowledged.  “Dunn is an ardent Man United fan and he was pissed off at them losing 3-0 to Liverpool the other day.”

And this gesture was more than symbolic.  It’s not as if he was refunding future bets on Cardiff to win the Premier League.

£200,000 has already been refunded by

“United are robbing the fans,” Done said. "because the fans were still singing for their team even though we were losing 3-0 to Liverpool."

Done has been burned by Man Utd. before.  In 1998, he paid out over £500,000 in future bets on Manchester United to win the Premier League early when they were 12 points ahead of nearest contender Arsenal only to have the later come from behind and take the championship.

- Ean Lamb,

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