Foxwoods Scam Cheats Casino Out of Nearly $900K

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Foxwoods Scam

Four men have been accused of cheating Connecticut’s Foxwoods Casino out of nearly $1 million.


The four Korean nationals allegedly used a “holdout device” to switch cards in an out to the advantage of the player during 14 visits between Sept. 8 and Oct. 20 while playing baccarat. State police said they are investigating the possibility that the group is part of a Korean syndicate of card cheats.

One man, Young Su Gy, 60,reportedly wore the device on his arm while another man, Wookyung Kim, 34,would act as a blocker, according to law enforcement.

Baccarat is a card game in which two or more players gamble against the banker.

State police also identified Hyeong Kim and Hwasik Bang in the scheme but both are believed to be in Korea at this time.

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