Four Wives, Seventeen Children Involved in Ho Debacle

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:
Stanley Ho

Just one day after announcing publicly that all was good in his family, the 89-year-old Macau casino magnate, Stanley Ho has filed suit claiming he got a raw deal.

On Monday it was announced that much of Ho’s stake in his casino empire would go to various family members, including his third wife.

Ho’s attorney claimed on Tuesday that no consent was given.  By Wednesday, Stanley Ho had announced all was good in terms of family relations.  By Thursday, a lawsuit was filed.

“It is hard to keep a score card,” expressed Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the website.

Ho's lawyer, Gordon Oldham, said on Thursday he had filed a court claim on Ho's behalf against his children, including Pansy and Lawrence Ho, other relatives and companies. The writ, signed by Ho, sought a reversal of the transaction.

"Regarding his statement on television, this was not his sentiment. He wants to continue. He is trying to get his wealth back," Oldham said.

"He had been pressured into making that statement."

And so the saga continues….

- Aaron Goldstein,

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