Foster Care Mums Using Money for Gambling

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Alistair Prescott
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The Australian on Friday reports that foster carers are taking in abused money in order to collect tax free allowances.  A good portion of those funds are being spent at local pubs for the purpose of gambling however.

From the Australian:

In one case, a foster mother was reported to welfare authorities for locking four foster children outside all day, until she got home at night. Neighbours complained that she was at the local club. 

The New South Wales Department of Community Services, which is responsible for keeping an eye on the children in its care, may not lay eyes on them for years once they have been placed with a foster carer. 

Dawn Fardell, the independent member for Dubbo, reported "numerous instances" of foster children being neglected by their carers to the NSW Government's inquiry into child welfare last November. 

Only now have her complaints been made public. 

Fardell's office has been swamped with complaints about unfit mothers.

Alistair Prescott, 

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