Former Ohio State Star Art Schlichter Blames Addiction for Troubles

Written by:
Don Shapiro
Published on:
 Art Schlichter

Gambling addict and former Ohio State star Art Schlichter admits that addiction has been at the root of his most recent problems without once mentioning the word “gambling” during a jailhouse interview. 

"I'm embarrassed that I have hurt anyone, and I would give anything to make it right," Schlichter told The Dispatchfrom the Franklin County jail in an exclusive interview.

Schlichter is currently being held without bond on a first-degree felony charge of theft whereby he is alleged to have swindled a Dublin, Ohio widow out of more than $1million to fuel his gambling habit.  He is likely to face additional charges, with 20 other potential victims identified.  Nine of those individuals have filed police reports, according to the Dispatch.

"I want to make amends to the people that I have harmed in some way. I wanted to reach out and apologize to people before I came (to jail), but I was advised not to contact them. That was the hardest part for me."

Schlichter was released from prison in 2006 after the equivalent of 10 yearsbehind bars.  His various legal problems, including fraud and forgery, among others, were often well-publicized.  He was accused of conning several individuals in the past as a means of supporting his gambling addiction.

During an interview last week, Schlichter repeatedly acknowledged that he had hurt people who trusted him, and he continued to apologize for his actions, the Dispatch noted.

"It's beyond tough," Schlichter said. "When you let your guard down a little bit, when you don't have the proper support or you don't use that support, you put yourself in these situations. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to get some treatment, make things right with people and try to help others who struggle in the same way."

- Don Shapiro, 

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