Forbes: Why Daily Fantasy Sports is Taking Over

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Aaron Goldstein
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Forbes.com on Wednesday featured a piece on why Daily Fantasy Sports is taking over, and it sure seems that way.

Vincent Frank of Forbes.com knows first hand why the sector is taking off.  It’s the addiction, though at first the sites take a little getting used to.

The premise is simple. Instead of engaging in preseason drafts to field a team for the duration of the year, you have the capability of fielding new lineups on a daily basis in three of the four major sports. In the NFL, you can choose a new lineup/team weekly based on matchups.

It’s somewhat of a quasi-gambling segment of the sports world. Not only do you have a salary cap, most pay leagues require a buy-in—sums that range from $1.00 for beginners to upwards of $5,000 for those really into the “game.”

Daily Fantasy Sports does not require season long commitments.  Frank notes that today’s “ADD Generation” is looking for instant gratification.

Throughout my years of writing, commitment from the masses as it relates to standard season-long leagues has decreased. With that has come a focus on this daily avenue—an avenue that requires a lesser commitment. If you want to partake in a league one day, and not the next day, that’s left completely up to you. No running to your computer to make sure your lineup is set when you have a busy day. No worrying about when a pitcher has been scratched from an outing while your significant other gives you a glare from across the dinner table. It’s not a shortcut. Rather, it’s about being able to do your own thing on your own time—something we have all sought for our entire lives.

And the industry shows no sign of dying.  Investors continue to line up and sites like DraftKings and FanDuel keep entering into new partnerships with major sports enterprises and media conglomerates the likes of ESPN.

Forbes.com incidentally was among the first media outlets to cover Daily Fantasy Sports and will be speaking at next month’s Daily Fantasy Sports Expo in Miami Beach.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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