Footballer Union Chief Gordon Taylor Wagered £4million in Under 3 Years Says Sun

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Alistair Prescott
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Footballer Union Chief Gordon Taylor Wagered £4million in Under 3 Years Says Sun

In a London Sun shock report, it has been revealed that PFA boss Gordon Taylor wagered 
£4million on 2,000 bets in 30 months.

At the same time, he warned players of the perils of betting.

The exclusive report was unveiled during the early morning hours Wednesday.

“Don’t fall prey to the betting trap,” Taylor said just two months ago. 

At the time, he warned that footballers are an “easy target” for people who want to make money out of them from gambling or ­other financial schemes.

“Footballers are an easy target. They are offered big lines of credit. Every sport is vulnerable, it’s such a big gambling industry and there are problems with syndicates in other countries. There is also the bigger issue on the integrity of the game and trying to make sure that players, in accordance with the rules, don’t get into any trouble by betting on games they are involved in.

“It is not just gambling either, they are approached by unscrupulous ‘advisers’ with property schemes and many players have lost a lot of their income .

“We are trying to educate players to use their spare time to train for a life after football which comes to everybody.

“The clubs now give a lot more thought to players’ lifestyles. It’s part of the curriculum now for young apprentices, which we hope will lead to progress as they continue their careers.

“You can lead a lot of horses to water, but you can’t make them all drink.”

-Alistair Prescott,

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