The Floyd Mayweather $6 Million Heat Bet: Expert Casts Doubt

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Don Shapiro
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The Floyd Mayweather $6 Million Heat Bet: Expert Casts Doubt

Over the past year, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been known to brag about his various sports bets, even providing tickets as proof.


Now there are reports that the colorful fighter may have bet $6 million on the Miami Heat to beat the Indiana Pacers Monday night as a 7 point favorite.  In the rare event Mayweather placed a money line bet he would have to have wagered nearly 4 times the amount he’d expect to get back with odds hovering around -400.  Hardly a sure thing considering the Pacers currently have this series tied up heading into Game 7.

Our good friend Randy Bell at Pregame.com doubts such a bet has actually been placed and wants to see proof.

Bell told TheBigLead.com:

“I’ve been in Vegas for 15 years and I’ve talked to every major Sportsbook during that time. The biggest bet anyone has told me they’ve taken is $3 million. Without proof, I’m very skeptical about this Mayweather wager.” Bell wouldn’t go on the record with the Sportsbook that took the $3 million wager, or what the event was.

“It’s very hard to get that much money down, legitimately, in Las Vegas,” Chad Millman, who hosts the popular gambling podcast, Behind the Bets, told me. “A lot of people I have spoken to don’t think this is a legit bet. The line would move considerably. That alone makes me think that it is not legit.”

Speaking of Mayweather, Bookmaker has him with the shortest odds as a favorite since he last fought Oscar Dela Hoya in an upcoming bout with Saul Alvarez this September.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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