Federal Judge Holds Hearing on Efforts to Suppress Alabama Gambling Wiretaps

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — (Associated Press) - A lawyer for indicted casino owner Milton McGregor has asked a federal judge to consider throwing out the charges in Alabama's gambling corruption case because of repeated delays by the prosecution in turning over records about wiretaps that are at the heart of the case.

Joe Espy made the request Friday to U.S. Magistrate Judge Wallace Capel Jr. Espy said defense attorneys received more FBI emails Thursday after being told repeatedly they had received all relevant documents.

The court hearing is continuing before Capel on the request by defense attorneys to block the use of wiretaps when the gambling corruption case goes to trial.

Casino owners McGregor, Ronnie Gilley and eight others are scheduled for trial June 6 on charges accusing them of buying and selling votes on pro-gambling legislation.

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