Federal Bill on Internet Poker Coming Within Few Weeks (Video)

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Federal Bill on Internet Poker Coming Within Few Weeks

Speaking on the Ralston Reports Tuesday night, outgoing American Gaming Association head Frank Fahrenkopf said that a bill to legalize online poker at the federal level is likely to be introduced in the House within the next few weeks (of February 19, 2013).

“I have been doing a lot of talking on the Hill the last couple of weeks,” Fahrenkopf stated.  “We might see one introduced quite soon in the House.  There is still an effort in the House.  Plus I think the activity in a number of states….we could see the largest expansion of gambling the US has seen in some time.

He mentioned Delaware specifically, which expects to be online by September.

“I think there are some members in Congress who normally are very anti-gaming who view a poker bill as the lesser of two evils.”

Fahrenkopf added that he was still hopeful that they could get something done. 

Joe Barton, a Texas Republican, is likely to be among the bill’s co-authors, Fahrenkopf suggested. 

On Tuesday it was revealed that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confirmed he will sign an online gambling bill into law late next week should it be amended to his liking.  That bill will incorporate language required by the Governor as part of his “conditional veto”.  The measure will arrive at his desk by February 26 with Christie stating he will sign it that day or within a 24 hour time period.

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