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Aaron Goldstein
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Jan/25/2015 Review – Daily Fantasy Sports Sites – Affiliate Program Review has your review where we point out the pros and cons of this site, which is gaining popularity amongst Fantasy players.  You can view their website here.  

One thing we look for here at as established leaders in the world of Web gaming are sites that appear fresh, innovative and alive as opposed to stale.  Sadly, there are plenty of the later in the Fantasy space., we are happy to report as of January 2015, is a site that fits into the “fresh and alive” category. innovative approach focuses on individuals with websites having the ability to set up their own Fantasy contests and earn money doing so in addition to targeting the every day Fantasy sports enthusiast.  Essentially, you can become a Daily Fantasy Sports operator yourself with some excellent earning potential. And this appears to be in line with some of the better online gambling affiliate programs out there, if not better. 

Affiliate Potential is unique in the affiliate sector as they feature a revenue sharing program whereby prospective affiliates can set up their own contests with their branding on it. then collects all entry fees minus a 14% handling charge. (you, as the affiliate, make 50% of this).  It doesn’t matter if you referred the player or not, if they play in your game, you get the 50%. 

Say you create a contest with a $25 entry fee… and have just 2000 people a week join the game... Your commission for just ONE WEEK of play will be $3,500! Over a year it is reasonable to expect to make well over $150,000 with just one game, potentially much more.

The folks behind are all experienced affiliate marketers.

Back in November, MGT Capital Investments announced it would be providing the technology infrastructure for to offer daily fantasy sports tournaments to its current and future user base. 

MGT Capital and its subsidiaries operate social and real money gaming sites online and in the mobile space, including ownership of the 4th largest daily fantasy sports wagering platform, They recently entered into an agreement to provide their platform to the world’s largest adult entertainment company, Vivid Entertainment.

"We are very excited about this deal — it allows us to offer our players many more contest options and larger prize pools," said Kevin De Vincenzi, CEO of Fanwars LLC.  "Today's partnership announcement enhances our ability to offer the high-stakes, big-payout action that fantasy sports players crave.  We welcome our players to this new level of skill and rewards."  Mr. De Vincenzi is an experienced Internet marketing expert; through ownership and management of Rapid Response Marketing LLC and, he has been a leader in performance based advertising since 2003, paying out over $150 million in affiliate commissions.

Fantasy Players offers a variety of daily and weekly contests for every day Fantasy players. 

Commitment and Internet Presence

One thing to be cautious of when it comes to the Daily Fantasy Sports sector are sites that appear to have little marketing or social presence on the Net.  How about those “new” sites that came onto the scene with a bang early in the season with thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers only to have vanished? has a noticeable Internet presence, especially on social media.  The ABOUT US section prominently lists those behind the company and each one appears easily accessible. 

Typing “ Review” into Google leads us to a complaint that lands atop the search rankings whereby a concerned player questions why his money disappeared.  A rep for the company was quick to respond to the forum member’s concern, advising that the money had in fact not disappeared but rather there was a glitch in their software that they were quick to remedy.  The fast response gives us here at a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside. 

Pros – Make your games public or private, set your draft style and cap, set entry fees and how many people can participate.  Easy to navigate site with a really nice overall feel.  Weekly payouts for affiliates.  NBA, NHL and NFL tournaments.  NBA tournaments $1000 and $1500 guaranteed with $15 and $109 buy-ins, respectively.  NHL tournament offers a $250 guarantee with a $15 buy-in. PGA and College Football tournaments also available. Site promises fast payouts.  Track stats and scores live.

Cons – You’ll need to work to attract volume as a revenue share affiliate.  How many friends do you have and how many of them are likely to be Fantasy players?  We smell some friend requests popping up on our Facebook pages.  Well, sure beats those annoying Farmville requests.  

- Aaron Goldstein,

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