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Aaron Goldstein
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Jan/25/2015 Review – Featuring Ground Breaking SalaryPro Flex Salary Cap has your review including the pros and cons and what differentiates from the rest of the Daily Fantasy Sports pack.  You can visit their website here.

Our intrepid reporter Thomas Somach is in the process of interviewing the folks behind this company and we should have that for you shortly.  The great news for Fantasy Sports enthusiasts is that this appears on the surface to be a group that has their act together.  They maintain an excellent social media presence, both on Twitter and Facebook. did get a head start in the sector, which is helping the company to improve its presence heading into 2015.

They are also following in the footsteps of behemoths FanDuel and DraftKings by offering a $100,000 NFL championship in Newport Beach, California, near their home base.  That event included a party on a yacht. 

MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and CFB offered at this time.

Make no mistake about it, this site has the look, feel and presence of an enterprise that can compete with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings without the massive overhead. 

Revolutionary SalaryPro Flex Salary Cap offers a NEW cutting-edge game format never seen before in daily fantasy sports called SalaryPro. This groundbreaking format features a "flex" salary cap that opens up a ton of drafting options and rewards those who target undervalued fantasy talent with bonus points. That's right, you can start your daily fantasy contest with a head start in fantasy points by not spending your entire budget. If you have the ability to scout undervalued talent (sleepers) just like a professional scout then this game is perfect for you! However, there is another strategy to consider here! SalaryPro also allows you to go over the salary cap, but this comes at a penalty. If you want to spend big on the multiple elite players, then you will have the ability to do so by going over the cap. This will incur a loss of fantasy points and your fantasy team will begin the contest in the negative. Examples of this concept appear at the bottom of this review.

Top Prize Contests and Tournaments

They have an easy-to-find listing of updated fresh contests with top prizes.  An example of this would be Sunday’s NBA $1250 Slam Dunk • $27.50 Entry, which at press time was 44/50 Filled.  This one pays the top 10 with a first prize of $312.  But they also have qualifiers with a guaranteed $100,000 prize pool where the top 35 cash out and the winner takes home a cool $22,500.  Another contest promises a $40,000 payout.  The buy-in’s are cheap:  $5.50 to $22.

Pros – Well advertised special contests that spell out the guarantees, number of player cashouts and first place prize, which includes $40,000 for one upcoming event.  Site is well-organized and super easy to follow. Innovative SalaryPro Flex Salary Cap allows you to accumulate points before you even enter a contest by scouting undervalued talent and it also permits you to go over the salary cap.  Site has a top-of-the-line layout. Leaderboard highly visible.  Great swag shop (online store) now open. Live updated stats. You can draft two quarterbacks and two flex spots in football. Solid mobile capability. 

Cons – The SalaryPro feature requires that Fantasy players are more skilled than the average Joe.  Kicker required to be rostered.  Player base is small compared to the granddaddy’s of Daily Fantasy Sports DraftKings and FanDuel, which is to be expected of any Fantasy site that is not called Draftkings or FanDuel (fewer players often equals better chance of winning thoug).  GPP’s still lack in size. 

Payout Structures - The rake at FantasyAces is set between 6.5% and 10%

  • 50/50 Leagues – Top Half of the Player Pool Gets Paid
  • H2H – One on One Heads Up Games
  • Triple Play – 3-man contests where Winner Takes All
  • Winner Take All – Varying sized contests where 1st wins the entire prize pool
  • Top 2 Paid – Contests paying out top-2 finishers. 1st gets 65% of prize pool. 2nd gets 35%
  • Top 3 Paid – Contests paying out top-3 finishers. 1st gets 50% of prize pool. 2nd gets 30% and 3rd gets 20%
  • Tournament – Contestants between 50 and 500 where the top 10%-20% are paid out


MLB - Every $50 under the cap = +.10pts ( 10 bonus points max at $5,000 under cap )

NFL - Every $50 under the cap = +.25pts ( 25 bonus points max at $5,000 under cap )

NBA - Every $50 under the cap = + .40pts ( 40 bonus points max at $5,000 under cap )

Note: Bonus doesn't kick in until you are at least $250 under the Salary Cap


MLB, at $250 under the salary cap you will receive .50 bonus points to your fantasy score to begin the contest. From here, every $50 below you will then receive and additional + .10pts. (10 points max) 

NFL -  at $250 under the salary cap you will receive 1.25 bonus points to your fantasy score to begin the contest. From here, every $50 below you will then receive and additional + .25pts (25 points max) 

NBA -  at $250 under the salary cap you will receive 2 bonus points to your fantasy score to begin the contest. From here, every $50 below you will then receive and additional + .40pts (40 points max) 


Note: Penalty points kick in immediately at $50 over the salary cap.

MLB - Every $50 over the cap = -.20pts  ( - 20 points max at $5,000 over the salary cap )

NFL - Every $50 over the cap = -.50pts  ( - 50 points max at $5,000 over the salary cap )

NBA - Every $50 over the cap = -.80pts  ( - 80 points max at $5,000 over the salary cap )

- Aaron Goldstein,

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