FantasyAces World Baseball Championship Promises $250K, $100K First Prize

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Aaron Goldstein
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FantasyAces World Baseball Championship Promises $250K, $100K First Prize

DraftKings isn’t the only Daily Fantasy Sports site offering top cash prizes this summer.  Mid-tier DFS site FantasyAces.com has its World Baseball Championship, promising $250,000 in prize money including a $100,000 first place prize and $50,000.00 awarded to second place.  FantasyAces.com just took part in a reverse merger with Vancouver-based DraftTeam.com, so it appears as if they are in for the long haul and have some capital behind them.  Gambling911.com has provided FantasyAces financials below along with details of the August 15 contest.  The event will be held live in LA.

Contest takes place August 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm EST.  A $15000 entry fee is required.  The contest is capped off at 20 entries.  As of press time June 14, only 8 entries were still available. 

Draft a fantasy team consisting of the following 11 positions from the following game schedule below: (2)P, C, (2)2B/SS, (2)1B/3B, (3)OF, UTIL . Each player has a salary, and you only have $55k to spend. Score more fantasy points than your opponent(s) & you win!  Scroll Down For Details...

  • Athletics @ Orioles - Sat 7:05pm EST
  • Tigers @ Astros - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Angels @ Royals - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Diamondbacks @ Braves - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Indians @ Twins - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Pirates @ Mets - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Cubs @ White Sox - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Phillies @ Brewers - Sat 7:10pm EST
  • Marlins @ Cardinals - Sat 7:15pm EST
  • Rays @ Rangers - Sat 8:05pm EST
  • Padres @ Rockies - Sat 8:10pm EST
  • Reds @ Dodgers - Sat 9:10pm EST
  • FantasyAces.com Financials Appear Below

FantasyAces.com Financials:

On a combined basis and for the 5-month period ended May 31, 2015, Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp. has:

Gross Revenue:

US $349,154

Contest Payouts:

US $3,395,430

As at May 31, 2015 Fantasy Aces Daily Fantasy Sports Corp. has:



Active Members:


The above numbers will make Fantasy Aces one of the largest companies in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry in 2015.

The following table contains selected annual financial and operating information with respect to Fantasy Aces and has been derived from Fantasy Aces' management prepared unaudited financial statements for the period ended December 31, 2014:


Unaudited Dec. 31, 2014 (US$)






Gross profit




Net income (loss)




Total assets




Long term financial liabilities




Total Shareholders' Equity




- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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