Fantasy eSports Site Reviews: AlphaDraft, Vulcun

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Alistair Prescott
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 Fantasy eSports Site Reviews: AlphaDraft, Vulcun

While the field is still relatively small, offers up a few Fantasy eSports site reviews for the likes of AlphaDraft, Vulcun and others

With eSports (also known as Competitive Video Gaming) expected to have a bigger fan base than that of the NFL by the end of 2017, it shouldn’t be of any surprise that Fantasy eSports sites are talking off in a very big way. This is the biggest site in the space and was offering the second largest prize pool in Fantasy eSports, which says a lot. 

They can afford to do so. 

Vulcun just raised a cool $12 million in A Round financing just months after the site got off the ground.  They had previously raised what looks now like a measly $1.3 million.

A good chunk of that money will certainly go into site improvements.  It’s already helped to boost the top contest prizes.

What we like about the website: Contests displayed on home page, some nice head-to-heads or 10-player contests offering top cash prizes to half the player field.  The obvious prize payout possibilities, easy-to-navigate website, ease of deposit and withdraw (including via PayPal) and the ability to play for free make this an ideal eSports Fantasy site.

AlphaDraft.comThis is the second largest of the two early eSports fantasy websites.   They promise to pay out at least $100,000 per week and, like Vulcun, have secured millions of dollars in seed money.

League of Legends, DOTA and more eSports are being offered at this time.  AlphaDraft does display its contests live from the home page. 

What we like about is pretty much the same as what we mentioned in our review above pertaining to Vulcun.  Some of the links on the AlphaDraft website do not work we have found (i.e. the Q&A and Rules and Scoring links take us to a video with no sound).

- Alistair Prescott, 

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