Fake Online Gambling Payment Processing Company Shuts Down

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Linwood Payment Solutions

A company set up for the primary purpose of going after online gambling websites for violating US law has now shut its doors, but not before leaving a message on its website.

Linwood Payment Solutions was set up as a sting operation two years ago.  Ten online gambling sites were seized as a result of the operative.

Linwood Payment Solutions is a Department of Homeland Security Undercover Business set up to identify and prosecute companies accepting and paying out funds for U.S. customers who gamble online illegally.

If you have questions regarding funds withdrawn from your bank account for gambling purposes contact the online gambling company you provided your banking information to.

The message could be a way of preventing chargebacks from customers who see the Linwood Payment Solutions name on their bank statement.

- Gambling911.com Staff

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