Fabioni: Corfman is a Disgrace to Online Gambling, The World

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C Costigan
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Casino Affiliate Programs organizer Lou Fabioni lashed out at the head of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Affiliation President, Michael Corfman, in what has escalated into a vitriol war of words over this past week.  Corfman has accused Fabioni or running a "rogue" online poker room, CardSpike.com, in direct conflict to the CAP business model.  For his part, Fabioni has denied any ownership interests in CardSpike.com.

The situation got especially ugly on Friday when the GPWA released a video that included public documents containing Fabioni's home address.  Corfman later claimed he was unaware that the address in question was that of Fabironi's home address since the documents displayed were taken directly from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.  The documents in question were later edited out of the video.

Fabioni implied Corfman was engaging in "criminal behavior".

"J. Toad (whose APCW produces the video) and Michael Corfman just published my HOME address in their sick attack video. It's now broadcast via Youtube and their sites!!!!!!!

"I have children at home and a young grand baby and two elderly grandmothers living in that home. I didnt watch the video, but my wife did and she called me crying. She's afraid for the families safety and justifiably so. ANY sick bastard with a grudge can now reach out and harm my family. This is the sickest case of cyber stalking I have ever seen in my life!!!! This is criminal and not civil."

While it may not be the "sickest case of cyber stalking" considering these documents are readily available and it's doubtful the APCW had any idea Fabioni's home address and business address were the same, CAP organizers have reason for concern.

This past fall, while hosting a poker event in Barcelona, Spain, police were tipped off about the alleged "illegal" event and it was not the first time.  Last year, a similar event in the Bahamas was stopped by Bahamian government officials. 

"The information that was published in the You Tube video was indeed just screen captures from the public information state websites show for Affiliate Media and Effective Media," Corfman pointed out. "What I now understand is that these public records list their home addresses rather than their business address.

"I'd like to be clear that was not obvious to us. I have said there is a clear relationship between Lou and Warren and Cardspike, and there has been a demand that I provide documentation to justify the statements I have made by many people, including GamTrak who has posted in this thread. And all we were trying to do is to examine public records that were helpful in terms of our demonstrating some of the information that is important in terms of establishing that relationship."

For the time being, Fabioni doesn't seem willing to accept Corfman's explanation.

"Michael and J Todd you are sick evil and wicked bastards!" he blasted.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher



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