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Jenny Woo
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Eric Buchman

Continuing my run with the WSOP Final 9 players - I had the chance to interview Eric Buchman.  This New Yorker will be playing at the WSOP final table in November with 34.8 million in chips - 2nd in the chip lead.  With $900,000 in overall tournament winnings - he's looking to add another $9 million to that record. 

JENNY:  How was your overall experience at this year's WSOP?

ERIC: It was good. I played about eight events and made one other final table where I finished sixth.

JENNY:  Were there any memorable moments for you this year at WSOP?

ERIC: When I was all in with 28 players with Ace-Ten of hearts against two Jacks, I was a dog and ended up flopping a flush to win the hand.

JENNY:  Will you be doing anything specific to prep yourself for November?

ERIC: I'll be playing online on pokerstars.net.

JENNY:  What's your opinion on the final table being pushed back to November?  Do you like the break or would you rather play all the way through?

ERIC: I guess I would prefer to get maybe a week break, then play it and get it over with.  But this is fine too.

JENNY:  Do you see any weak players in the final 9?  And do you see any specific players to beat?

ERIC: I have no comment on that.

JENNY:  How often are you playing online?  And do you play a lot of cash games as well?

ERIC: I play online occasionally and cash games occasionally as well - usually on weekends.

JENNY:  What would you say is your style of play both online and live?

ERIC: My style of play varies depending on who I am playing against. I can play loose or I can play tight.

JENNY:  What will you be doing during your off time?  Is there more poker or will you be taking some time away from the game?

ERIC: There'll be less poker and more relaxing.

JENNY:  Besides your win at the 2004 New England Poker Classic - you've had a couple of close wins.  At this point in your poker career and making it to the final 9 - do you feel accomplished?  Or will that feeling not happen until you win this main event in November?

ERIC: Just making it to the final table is an accomplishment, but anything less than first would be disappointing at the moment. I'm sure once all is said and done - I'll be very happy.

JENNY:  What were you doing before your start in poker?

ERIC: I became a professional poker player right out of college. It's all I've ever done, aside from a couple of summer jobs.

JENNY:  Have you done anything thus far with the over a million that you've already received?

ERIC:  No, I'm just saving it.

Thank you Eric for doing this interview!

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