Eagles Going to the Super Bowl: The Bookies Hope Not

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Mary Montgomery
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Philadelphia Eagles

If there is one team the online bookies and those in Vegas are rooting against more than any other, it's the Philadelphia Eagles...and with good reason.

"The Eagles are not only the most bet on team of the NFL Conference Championship weekend, they are also getting  nearly 75 percent of the betting action," explained Gambling911.com Senior Reporter, Carrie Stroup. 

That percentage has settled down a bit to around 70 percent since the start of the week at Sportsbook.com, but that is still a significant variance considering the masses who will be betting on the NFC Championship game between Philadelphia and Arizona.

Unlike last week, when the action was relatively even in all four of the games, the gambling public has pounced all over Philadelphia.

"It's true the Eagles can get into the Super Bowl with a field goal and bookies won't be hurt too bad," Stroup said, alluding to the Philadelphia line being at -4. 

The Over 47, while not getting as much action as the Philadelphia spread, also posed a concern for bookies.

"Here we have a situation where the Over was getting around 75 percent of the betting action in this game," Stroup said.

A team that was left for dead just weeks ago is now once again the darling of online bookmakers and sports bettors alike.  Philadelphia had the second shortest odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl after the Pittsburgh Steelers (paying around $175 for every $100 bet).  At the start of the season they - along with the Steelers - were among the favorites to win the Super Bowl.   Yet the week's leading up to the Playoffs, Philadelphia had some of the best payout odds.

Philadelphia had been listed at 10-1 after the conclusion of the regular season, tied for fifth among the 12 playoff teams, according to Hilton odds.

For Stroup, the 70 percent of action coming the Eagles way is relatively low all things considered.

"While I realize the Cardinals have had success at home this season, the Eagles are very much a public team and it is interesting to note that fewer than 80 percent of bettors are on Philadelphia here.  That will help cushion any losses."

The Philadelphia Eagles incidentally promise a payout of $1200 for every $100 bet at Sportsbook.com if they win the Super Bowl.....The 2010 Super Bowl that is!  Sportsbook.com already is offering odds on the 2009 Super Bowl.

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com



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