Doyle Brunson Favored Among the Online Poker Black Friday Baby Names

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Doyle Brunson

As reported on Thursday, Gambling911.com is celebrating the conception of its Senior International Reporter Jenny Woo’s first baby.   More amazing, her doctor expects Jenny to give birth on April 15.  For the online poker community, that date will forever be engrained in everybody’s minds.  That dark day is when three of the largest online poker rooms – Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and UB.com – had much of their bank accounts froze by the US Justice Department while executives of the companies were charged with money laundering and bank fraud. 

It was called “Black Friday” though the next April 15 won’t be falling on a Friday.

Gambling911.com has not hesitated to post odds on the name of Jenny’s newborn and whether he or she is born before or after April 15.  And can you guess which name is among the favorites?

“I gotta tell you, I’d seriously consider Doyle,” she told us, in honor of the legendary poker pro Doyle Brunson.  “The whole Black Friday thing, I love Doyle Brunson and, to be honest, I kinda like the name.”

The favorite, however, is Christopher (after her boss) if it’s a male and Jenny if it’s a female. 

Jenny initially thought she was having twins.

“I ran to my boyfriend and told him we might be having twins and he was all right with that and I was like what the F***, I’m going to be sitting around with a baby on both t**s.”

One of the leading online sportsbooks has indicated they may offer odds on Jenny Woo’s baby that can be bet on.  Actually, this has always been a popular offering, to have odds for celebrity couple baby names and Ms. Woo is certainly a celebrity in the world of online gambling. 


Odds of Jenny having giving birth before or after Black Friday


Before Even Odds

After 2/1

Cesarean Birth to ensure the April 15 date – 5/1


Odds of Jenny giving birth to twins


No 1/3

Yes 2/1


Our beloved half Korean, half Redneck Jenny Woo baby names odds are as follows:


Christopher 1/2

Jenny 1/2

Christine 1/2

Doyle Even Odds

James 2/1

Payton 3/1

Carrie 6/1

Gambling911.com 7/1

Tommy 9/1

Sparky 10/1

Collin 10/1

Rebecca 10/1

Mandy 15/1

Bambi 15/1

Brandy 18/1

Sandy 18/1

Peter 18/1

Brunson 18/1

Amber 18/1

Arlo 20/1

Blackie 20/1

Bubba 20/1

Pat 20/1

Mark/Marc 25/1

Mickey 25/1

Betty Jo 25/1

Chang-Su 35/1

Marty 35/1

Beau 35/1

Barney 40/1

Lexy 40/1

Vanessa 40/1

Bobby Jo 50/1

Lisa 60/1

Edgar 60/1

Hang-gyong 60/1

Juan 75/1

Billy Rae 75/1

Sarah 75/1

Garth 75/1

Phil 75/1

Harley 75/1

Bobbi Jo 75/1

No-Mo-Kum 100/1

Judd 100/1

Clive 100/1

Chastity 100/1

Susan 100/1

Clint 100/1

Tyrone 100/1

Buck 300/1

Harry 300/1

Reid 300/1

Jessie 300/1

Brad 500/1

Renaissance 500/1

Dong-Min 500/1

Obama 500/1

Jefferson 500/1

Jagajeet 100/1

Jed 100/1

Michele 1000/1

Cooter 1000/1

Pervis 1000/1

Sherman 1000/1

Woody 1000/1

Jon 1000/1

Kyl 1000/1

Roberto 1000/1

Calvin 1000/1

Benjie 1000/1

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gamblnig911.com

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