Doyle Brunson Dog Mangled Gas Station Attendant

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Poker pro Doyle Brunson's toy poodle was involved in a vicious attack over the weekend.  The victim:  A 20-something gas station attendant who reached in to play with the incensed beast.

Part of the blame Brunson has placed on the attendant.

"I thought Casper, my toy poodle, had settled down because he was getting older," Brunson said.  "But when I pulled into a gas station, one of the attendants made the mistake of reaching in the car to pet him. Bam, Casper got his 44th bite victim."

Apparently the attendant didn't learn his lesson the first time.

"If that wasn't enough, the other attendant laughed at him and said ‘dogs never bite me, they love me.' Despite my warning, he reached in to play with him and Casper got #45. Two in one day! Casper weighs 7 pounds and couldn't whip a good Texas jackrabbit, but he is absolutely fearless. I try to watch him, but he lulls everybody to sleep by being so nice."

The gas station attendant ran off bleeding profusely after Casper took out a chunk of his skin on the second try. Casper is also known to run off with Doyle's false teeth and bury them in the yard with his other bones.  

The Poodle is a breed of dog, and is regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog.  The poodle breed is found in small, medium, and large sizes, and in many coat colors. Originally bred as a type of water dog, the poodle is skillful in many dog sports, including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding.

Typically the toy poodle is extremely people-oriented dogs and generally eager to please.  Brunson's beast seems to be an exception to the rule.

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Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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