Delaware Gambler Will Win $50,000 If 49ers Cover Spread

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C Costigan
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Delaware Parlay

A Delaware gambler who placed a 15-team parlay made all correct picks on his teams for Week 4 of the NFL, something that is a bit unprecedented.  The parlay will not pay until his final pick on the San Francisco 49ers covers the spread against Philadelphia in Week 5 however.  And that payout will be a whopping $50,000!

Delaware began offering $5 15-team parlay betting options on the NFL last season, but due to the reduced schedule with teams beginning their bye weeks, one game had to be carried over.

Parlays typically feature large payout odds when one bets on multiple teams.  The bet is only a winner and monies paid out should all of those teams win against the spread.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Thursday that this particular individual has the 49ers on the parlay card in which he risked just $5 to win $100,000. He can bet $50,000 on the Eagles, have both sides and ensure a $50,000 win.

It is also noted that the San Francisco 49ers were a +3 underdog when the bet was originally placed.  With Michael Vick’s injury and San Fran seen as desperately needing their first win, the 49ers are coming into this game as 3 ½ point favorites. 

And the gambler could win even more money.

Dick Jerardi of the Inquirer arrived at this parlay betting formula:

If the 49ers win or lose by fewer than three points or it's a tie, he wins $100,000 from the parlay. (Ties lose on this parlay card.) If he bets on the Eagles and they win or lose by fewer than four points (if he plays the new parlay cards or can get 3 1/2 by price shopping in Nevada), he wins the $50,000 or whatever he chooses to bet.

In these scenarios - the Eagles win by one or two points, the 49ers win by one, two or three points, a tie - he will win both bets and $150,000.

In any event the gambler cannot lose.   It’s just a matter of how much he is likely to win.  Tyrone Black reporting for  

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