Cricket Match Fixing Rigged Lord’s Test Between England and Pakistan

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C Costigan
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Cricket Match Fixing


In a shock report filed by the News of the World Sunday, it is revealed that the Lord’s Test between England and Pakistan had been rigged in a Cricket match fixing scandal that London tabloid is calling the “most sensational sporting scandal ever”.

The paper clams that bowlers Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif delivered THREE blatant no-balls to order, which resulted in a scam for £150,000. Scotland Yard has launched its own investigation into the affair.

London-based fixer Mazhar Majeed revealed the Cricket match fixing scam to the NOTW.

From The News of the World:

Our shock footage of the players' fixer Mazhar Majeed taking a massive £150,000 cash, and telling us EXACTLY when the no-balls would come, proves the game was RIGGED.

Having already trousered a £10,000 upfront deposit - which he insisted had gone to the stars - Majeed sat in our west London hotel room at the Copthorne Tara on Wednesday night and eagerly counted out the £140,000 balance in bundles of crisp £50 notes - our "entry ticket" into his already successful betting scam.

Our undercover team was posing as front men for a Far East gambling cartel. In return for their suitcase of money Majeed then calmly detailed what would happen - and when - on the field of play next day, as a taster of all the lucrative information he could supply in future.

He promised: "I'm going to give you three no-balls to prove to you firstly that this is what's happening. They've all been organised, okay?

"This is EXACTLY what's going to happen, you're going to SEE these three things happen. I'm telling you, if you play this right you're going to make a lot of money, believe me!"

Majeed was also quoted as saying the following: "A lot of the boys want to f*** up Afridi because he's trying to f*** up things for them.

"They all want Butt to be captain. They want to lose anyway.

"Let's say for example Twenty20, I'll tell you the bowlers, how many minimum runs they're going to concede. And the batsmen. I'm going to tell you how many, like say it was on the two opening batsmen, Salman and Kamal, for example, you've only got twenty overs, they're going to waste two overs, three overs.

"The Twenty20s are easiest. Then the bowlers as well, yeah, they will certainly give a certain amount of runs and they're going to be batting as well and give their wickets. We'll finalise a price for each one and we'll just take it off the balance. We'll take it off the 150 (grand) balance until we're square."

This is a developing story…

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