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There are many people that enjoy the hobby of gambling online. So, it’s hardly a surprise that there are also many online casinos that service this need. However, there’s one oft-neglected aspect of gambling online - the players’ safety. 

A casino operator needs to implement core cybersecurity measures to protect the casino site from unauthorized entries and attacks. If the operator does implement these measures - then players can feel safe in using the services of the casino site. With this in mind, we have reviewed the most important security measures at online casinos in Switzerland for you. You can learn more about it below. 

Security technologies that online casinos use

The best casino operators are fully aware of the importance of offering a safe and secure online gambling experience to online gamblers. So, they use a robust set of tools and measures to improve the security aspects of their particular site. Below you’ll find a list of the most basic frequently-used security measures, alongside a brief description of each: 

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  • Data encryption. As the name suggests, this measure encrypts data and makes it much more difficult to answer. In order to access encrypted data, hackers would need to decrypt it first - and this is easier said than done. 

  • Two factor authentication. If a player uses two factor authentication (2FA), it means that they need to identify themselves in two different ways. They could use passwords, fingerprint identification, SMS codes, etc. This makes it much harder for hackers to get unauthorized access to casino accounts. 

  • Firewall. A firewall is a basic security tool - a barrier between the internet and a particular network. When a firewall is set in place, it’s much more difficult for hackers to gain entry to a network. 

  • Intrusion detection systems. This tool works like a regular burglar alarm. If unauthorized entry is detected, then the alarm sounds off, so appropriate measures against the attack can be taken immediately. 

  • Antivirus programs. A quality antivirus is an indispensable tool that online casino operators use to prevent computer virus attacks. 

Ensuring your own safety at online casinos

The most important thing that you can do to protect yourself as you gamble online is to only gamble at tested, licensed online casinos that have been proven to be safe. But regardless of that, you can still implement a few measures of your own to ensure your safety at online casinos: 

  • Set limits. It’s one thing to be disciplined while gambling - and another thing to set explicit limits on deposits, withdrawals and playtime. If you’ve set such explicit limits, then even in the unlikely event that your account gets hacked - you still won’t be able to use a lot of money as the hacker will be limited. 

  • Use a strong password. A strong password is very important (and, unfortunately, often neglected) part of being safe online. Truth be told, “qwerty” is not going to cut it in 2023. Be sure to use capital and small letters, special signs and numbers when creating your password, to make it next to impossible for anyone to guess it. 

  • Have the ability to block the account. You need to set your account up in a way to be able to block it at any time you want. If you block your account, then it means that nobody else won’t be able to use it, either. 

  • Use an up-to-date version of the software. The software version with the newest update is also the most secure version. Security holes are patched by developers to maintain the software’s safety - don’t forget to frequently update your software. 

  • Use a VPN. If you use a Virtual Private Network, it means that your online traffic will be encrypted. This will make it much more difficult for hackers to intercept it - and that you will be a lot safer. 

How to make sure that the online casino is safe and secure?

Prior to creating an online gambling account, you must make sure that the online casino of your choice is safe and secure. Doing so can prevent a lot of trouble down the line - as if you fail to do this, you may end up losing your data and money. 

The most important aspect of checking whether an online casino is safe is to see if it’s licensed. There are several world-class, renowned iGaming licensing authorities that you should out for: 

You can visit the official websites of these licensing authorities and see which online casinos they have licensed for work. Moreover, you should be able to see the casino’s licensing information on the front page of the casino’s website. If a casino is licensed, it means that it’s tested by renowned, independent testing agencies - and proven to be safe.  

Moreover, the iGaming licensing agencies always monitor the casinos and make sure that the casino’s players are safe. You should also use third-party data, such as the 2023 test results from, where editor-in-chief Raphael Hösli leads a team of online casino experts that test online casinos in Switzerland and compile a list of the best casinos according to the important criteria used in the assessment. 

Another important thing about online gambling safety is to check whether there’s quick access to customer service. The player needs to be able to contact customer service by phone, email, and live chat, for any security-related question or inquiry that they may have.

A word about the licensing process has been advised that the more respected licensing authorities will test casino gaming software to ensure that it is compliant.  That means games will rely on random number generators.  Shady online casino groups will either operate without a license or opt to find a country - perhaps one you are unfamiliar with - that doles out licenses to the highest bidder without a care in the world as to whether they are reputable operators that employ tested casino platforms.

Reliable online casino groups make security the top priority.  This goes hand-in-hand with the fairness of games and is reflected in the chosen licensing jurisdiction.

What to do if you are a victim of criminal actions in online casinos

If you do end up falling victim to criminal actions in online casinos (it could happen to anyone), then there are several steps that you should take ASAP: 

  • Inform the bank that has issued the card that you’ve used to make online payments. The bank will then be able to return the money that was stolen from you and discontinue your credit or debit card. 

  • Contact customer service at the gambling site immediately. The operator will get information about your hacked account and will immediately block it to prevent any additional data and money losses. 

  • Contact the police. That’s right - a cybersecurity breach is, after all, a felony. The police will try to find the perpetrator so that you can claim payback any damages that have been incurred to you. 

Don't laugh, Interpol this past November arrested around 975 suspects linked to a large cybercriminal group accused of stealing over $130 million through illegal gambling, DoS attacks and related scams via the Internet across numous jurisdictions.


By now you’ve learned the most important cybersecurity measures that online gambling operators use to protect players. You’ve also learned of a few tools that you can implement to protect yourself when gambling online. While complete safety is not something that’s easily achievable - we can all still benefit from implementing core cybersecurity measures and principles if we gamble online. We hope you’ll have a safe and secure gambling experience! 

- B.E. Delmer,

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