Cook County Illinois Bookies: Chicago, Elgin, Naperville, Joliet

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Aaron Goldstein
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Cook County Illinois Bookies: Chicago, Elgin, Naperville, Joliet

When we think Cook County, we first think of one of the United States largest cities, Chicago.

The Chicago-Elgin-Naperville area is among the most populated in the US, encompassing other counties such as DuPage and Will.  Elgin is another of the bigger cities located in this region.  Local bookies faililng to utilize any of the more established international legal call centers tend to open themselves up for more exposure.  Remember, wire rooms, bet tickets and unlicensed gambling equipment are all illegal under Illinois state law. 

Bookies, as one would expect, are plentiful throughout this region and can be found in any number of the area sports bars, pool halls and barber shops (perhaps even City Hall).  Even the former (convicted) Governor of Illinois is rumored to have been a bookie.

Chicago is home to a ravenous sports fan base who love their Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox equally.  As of this writing (May 2015) all the Chicago teams were either performing average (White Sox) or better than average (Blackhawks).  A very good Bulls team was just defeated by the Cleveland Cavs in the Playoffs as of this writing. 

The region has a colorful past when it comes to home grown mobsters and bookies (think Al Capone).

Today, the state of Illinois makes bookmaking and gambling with a bookmaker a misdemeanor punishable mainly with a slap of the wrist. 

Still, local bookies would be wise to use legal offshore call centers and management services to run their business.

Popular sports bars where you will find your local Chicago area bookie include The Field House, Kaseys Tavern, Clover and the more upscale Fatpour Tap Works.

Schaumburg, 11 miles outside of Elgin, has one of the better pool halls, Bob McCullough's Pub & Billiards. If you can’t find a bookie soliciting in this joint, you’re probably not quite ready to bet sports just yet.  Just be mindful that these guys (and some gals) don’t wear signs that say “Bookie Here”. 

Our friends in the region also tell us that Glendale Heights area sports bar and pool hall Shark City is just bustling with sports fans on any given night when a local team is playing.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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