Chavit Singson Claims to be Victim of the Robert Gustafsson Gang

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Chavit Singson Claims to be Victim of the Robert Gustafsson Gang

We have a new reader on, it’s rumored the former Governor of Philippine province Ilcos Sur Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson really liked that we chose a picture of him next to his favorite pet tiger. Multiple sources also allege that Chavit Singson has stated Robert Gustafsson, Patrik Selin and their so-called "Swedish Mafia" had swindled him out of $3 Million US. 

According to the sources close to Singson, Chavit had paid the former Bodog employees $3m on the promise that the gang would provide him with the gambling company’s source codes in hopes of setting up his own online gambling company and payment processing company. Bodog is in the process of taking legal action.

Despite having no legal authority to sell Bodog’s intellectual property, sources within that company tell Gambling911 Gustafsson and his group were ayyempting to pilfer the source code for their potential business partner.

Unable to do so, the business dealings between Singson and the Gustafsson gang apparently failed to gain a pulse, which in turn left Singson feeling "victimized", our source tells us.

Apparently the Bodog pedigree of these three was enough to cause Singson to be parted from his money. Unfortunately for Mr. Singson, none of these three have any real experience in online gaming in Asia, we are told.  The only one who has any at all is Gustafsson and most of his experience is just talking about the industry over drinks in the famous red light districts of Asia.  He regularly holds court in a bar cleverly named Plan B (Let’s go to Plan B) in the P Burgos red light district just walking distance from where he set up his new office.  

Selin has zero experience at all in Asia and, according to our sources, has had a bit of a checkered past recently.  G911 was advised that Selin was forced to flee London to Bangkok to avoid the long arm of the Swedish tax authorities involving his sale of Bwin stock a few years back. 

Sylvia De Guzman is a 40 something former model and admitted part time escort who can’t balance her own checkbook, our sources tell us.  The three of them together seem to have taken the "Gov." for a ride. Singson has been rumored to take his enemies for rides also but in his helicopter out over the ocean, never to be seen again, so we are predicting that Selin, Gustafsson and the other Swedes and Canadians involved in this case will likely flee the country out of self preservation. 

"They can not flee the Internet and we are confident the gang is pretty much unemployable after this," our source tells us.  ".…especially in an industry like online gambling where trust is so important." 

As for Chavit Singson, it’s hard to say what his future holds. He’s currently facing trial for misuse of government funds while he was the Governor of Ilcos Sur. When the first investigation was being done into his government books, the auditor was killed in a hail of bullets before he could complete any work but that was in 2002 and in 2013 it’s unclear whether this once feared warlord has enough friends remaining who have any real power to keep him out of prison.

Chavit Singson is one of the few remaining political dinosaurs left in a country that is being hurled into the 21st century. The Philippines economy is the strongest in Asia with international companies setting up offices and growing developments throughout the country. 

Singson is one of the last vestiges of the "old political system" of which the current administration is desperately trying to rid the country of and build up the Philippines as safe, secure and honest place for international companies to do business.

More details are to come in this crazy soap opera and we’ll bring them to you hear on

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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