Carrie Stroup Red-Faced After Bookie Bludgeoning

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Nov/22/2010 Senior Reporter Carrie Stroup provides some of the best information on the Net when it comes to public betting activity and critical game trends.  This week’s “bad information” was certainly a reflection of how the bookmakers, both online and in Las Vegas, got hammered. 

“It happens to the best of us,” said a red-faced Stroup.  “But I’m just happy I’m not the one running a sportsbook after this past weekend.”

Two of the public favorites, Baltimore and Atlanta, came through with flying colors.  While Stroup was reluctant to back Carolina, she believed the St. Louis Rams could have easily proven the public wrong.  And the oddsmakers did have a strong opinion on the Rams.

“This line hasn’t moved a bit all week even with 90 percent of the action on Atlanta,” Ms. Stroup observed.


Tennessee was 15-4 ATS against the NFC East division since 1992, which, in theory, they should have been a “lock” against the struggling Washington Redskins.  Instead, Vince Young had yet another meltdown and the Titans lost at home.

The Jaguars also bucked previous trends, which included going 2-12 ATS as a favorite over the past three seasons while New Orleans easily covered despite being 1-10 ATS as a favorite of 10 or more points in recent years. 

Overall, the favorites ended up 9-5 for the day.  The Steelers, a pick that Stroup actually got right, came through big for gamblers as well.  So too did the Cowboys and Chiefs. 

“Sunday was the worst day of the season,” Las Vegas Hilton Super Book Executive Director Jay Kornegay told on Monday. “I guess we were due.”

The Philadelphia Eagles win Sunday night added salt to the bookies wounds. 

“We haven’t had that many popular teams come together all at once this season covering the spread,” explained Kornegay. “Through the season thus far, when one of the popular teams would win, then the others would lose or not cover. We kind of had the perfect storm hit us all at once this week.”

- Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor 

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