CAP Recap: Far From a Disaster Say Organizers

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Sure there was a much publicized "incident" that took place at the lobby of the hotel where CAP Euro was taking place this past weekend in West London...make that incidents.  The weather didn't exactly cooperate in the end either, stranding a few hundred attendees at Heathrow Airport on their way out of the country.

Overall, organizers insisted to that in between the Day One lobby fights and unprecedented snow storm, the event itself was a success.

"We had around 1600 people," Alex Pratt stated on the CAP Forum.

Another organizer of CAP Euro, Michael Casselli, told Tuesday:  "The show was great!  People had a wonderful time and we're excited about upcoming events taking place in Cancun (March) and either Budapest or Rome this summer."

Casselli is fighting for Rome but the organization is leaning more towards Budapest.

Following's coverage of the Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) event in Amsterdam next month, hosted by Senior International Correspondent Jenny Woo, the website intends to cover the summer CAP event in what is likely to be Budapest. 

"Budapest would be a blast," Woo said.  "I have never been to Asia!" 

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