CAP Crisis Gets Uglier: Partner May File Legal Action in CA

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C Costigan
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Mar/10/2009 has learned that Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) co-organizer, Lou Fabiano, will be flying out to California to take legal action against his former partner, Warren Jolly, in what has deteriorated into a company implosion.

Both men have accused the other of various improprieties with Fabiano alleging Jolly "embezzled" money from the company.

It was unclear at press time how any of this would ultimately end up affecting upcoming CAP events including those scheduled to be held in Cancun, Budapest and Sydney. 

Fabiano issued this statement/email to members of CAP last month:

Dear Certified Partners and CAP Members:

It is with my deepest regret that I must send the following information today as a warning to anyone contemplating working with Warren Jolly or who has been a certified partner of CAP. Please read the letter I received below my statement so you understand why I feel forced to act now. Prior to reading that let me state:

1. I am the founder of CAP and majority shareholder in Affiliate Media Inc. I owned long before I ever met Warren Jolly.

2. When House Winnings failed as a master affiliate for Tradal I was approached by Warren Jolly and his partner at House Winnings and asked if I would allow them to help monetize CAP and handle sales. Prior to that we did NOT charge a fee for programs to be listed at CAP so there was little revenue coming in, but that wasn't my focus in creating this community.

3. Once I agreed to help out Warren and his partner, who were only 18 at the time and had no prior experience or degree, we formed Affiliate Programs Inc. which later became Affiliate Media Inc.

Jolly later shocked members of the community by admitting his role in a venture,, that had many crying "conflict of interest", not to mention the online poker room was slow paying affiliate partners up to three months.

"First, and most importantly, I owe all of you a huge apology. I screwed up. There is no excuse for trying to cover up my affiliation with CardSpike, other than I knew there would be a conflict of interest. I realize that I have betrayed your trust, and all that I can ask at this point, is that you give me a chance to rebuild it. Here is the truth, once and for all." 

CAP remains in business and appears to have an active following despite the current management woes. will keep its readers abreast of further developments in this matter.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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