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Things continue to slowly evolve as it pertains to the future of online gambling and online poker in the United States. About a month ago, the two prominent Los Angeles-based brick and mortar casinos came under fire from poker players from all around because of their public stance in opposition to any and all regulation that would make legalize and regulate online gambling. However, slowly but surely, some of the other casinos are starting to reverse field and are beginning to favor such legal changes.

Specifically, a report which appeared in Sunday’s New York Times indicated that a behemoth of an association that represents many land-based casinos, the American Gaming Association (AGA) is now softening their stance and beginning to embrace the reintroduction of the industry to a customer base that awaits it with open arms. The AGA represents, among others, Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts and is starting to support such legislation made by representatives such as Barney Frank of Massachusetts. As you may recall, prior to the onset of the summer months, the long delayed bill by Frank finally garnered enough support from Congressional members and passed, potentially paving the road for previously outlawed online gaming sites to enter the US market. The change in view apparently was due in large part to Frank’s concession that those companies that had previously violated the UIGEA would not be granted re-entry. The most notable of these companies is Party Gaming, the company who until 2005 had enjoyed the distinction of being the world’s largest online poker site, a title it has since relinquished to PokerStars.

Though the exact reasoning for the seemingly sudden about-face is a bit unclear, though it is possible that such associations could be positioning themselves to potentially enter the online gaming industry themselves, a development that would give a much needed shot in the arm to an industry that has seen declining profits since the onset of the worst recession in decades.

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