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C Costigan
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Jun/08/2011 Now Domain Google

It’s been just over two weeks since the website was seized by US authorities yet the company’s new site – – is already getting some love atop Google search.  This is thanks mainly to, a loyal ad partner of Bookmaker.

Type in “Bookmaker” and the promotion of shows up number one on the Google Search rankings. 

Doyles Room was among the nine Bookmaker Group websites seized and it too enjoys a prominent spot atop Google via its .net site (not seized). 

The Feds fortunately seized the God awful website, leaving this group with the much improved  The site was already called and we suspect most customers were typing in into Google search prior to the seizures.  The number “2” was implemented some years back when domain names that started off with numbers helped boost rankings, and they stuck with it...perhaps regretably.  Folks, this was before Google, when the SEO experts were helping this company get top ranking on, a search engine that existed during the stone age.  This was so long ago that Doyle Brunson was still rocking away in the manger getting fed unmodified goat's milk . Dare we say the Feds might have actually done Diamond Sports International a favor here.

Fun Time Bingo hasn’t been so lucky.  The website was among those seized.  The only good thing is that typing “” into Google Search doesn’t turn up the results of the seized website. is the new web address. 

Supposedly Google does not penalize for extensions outside the .com norm as we’ve already discovered with, which already ranks number one on Google. 

Bookmaker and its brands have hardly skipped a beat since the seizures.  Bookmaker has saved countless numbers of gamblers through its acquisitions of failing companies over the years so it is easy to see why there is such good Karma surrounding this company.  Their quick reaction during the so-called "Blue Monday" (referrencing the day of the week the web domain seizures took place) prevented even the slightest run on the bank, which supposedly claimed another company whose domain was also seized that same day, 

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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