Bookies in Collier County Florida: Naples, Marco Island

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Aaron Goldstein
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Bookies in Collier County Florida: Naples, Marco Island

Live in Collier County, Florida?  Bookies are quite plentiful but be careful who you choose to do business with and always ensure they are doing business with call centers operating in legal offshore jurisdictions

Florida, like most states, prohibit bookmaking.  But, being that it is the second oldest profession in the world, you are bound to find one simply by visiting your local sports bar, barber shop or pool hall.  

Naples is one of the richest communities in the U.S..  As such, local bookies tend to make some serious cash.  They are also well-entrenched. 

Like we said at the onset: Be careful who you deal with.

Naples is home to one Thomas Welch, 49, who was recently sentenced to 4 ½ years behind bars after pleading guilty to single counts of racketeering and money laundering in connection to his local and Internet-based sports betting business.  Note: He was not charged with bookmaking

Welch did have one real enforcer on his payroll, Tony Ross, who employed Hannibal Lecter-type tactics in order to scare those owing money.  He would threaten to bite their faces off.

Hardly the type of bookie you want to be dealing with living in Naples or the surrounding communities.

Bookies can be found lurking at popular sports bars the likes of Weekend Willie’s, Tavern on the Bay and Mulligan’s.  Hopefully Hannibal doesn’t hang out at any of these fine establishments. 

Collier County is chalk full of College Football fans supporting the local Florida teams.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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