Bookie Call Center, Software Now Brings Live, In-Game Betting to the Streets

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Bookie Call Center, Software Live, In-Game Betting

Already the fastest growing sports betting product in the UK and Europe, the US post-up player is also quickly catching on to the huge excitement of betting on a game live (via in-game betting), while the game is on. Now low-cost leader PayPerHead.com is bringing live, in-running betting to players who bet online but prefer "to settle up on Monday" locally with their preferred agent.

"Live, in-game betting is really revolutionizing online sports betting," a PayPerHead.com spokesperson said. "Once players try it, it's all over... they still make their pre-game wagers as usual, no change there, but they then hedge their bets, play both sides, and bet and bet and bet while the game is being played. It's fast, furious and fun."

And, reportedly, very profitable. Sportsbooks are reporting double digit holds on live betting action, two to three times what they typically see on pre-game wagers. Now, with PayPerHead.com being one of the first per-head shops to offer live betting for their clients, local agents can enjoy this new revenue stream as well.

"As with anything new, there was some concern on how live betting would work for the credit shops. As we've rolled it out, we've seen it working fantastically well. Players love it, the agents love it... it's really re-invigorating the entire category!" exclaimed the PayPerHead.com spokesperson.

So now PayPerHead.com offers anything and everything that a typical full-featured online sportsbook offers: every kind of pre-game wager, a full suite of online casino games, live poker and now live in-game betting. All without any revenue share, just a low (starting at $5 per head) weekly fee for providing the service.

For more details, and to see The Soprano's "Johnny Sacks" introduce the service, visit PayPerHead.com.

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